About Us

We Are Your Favourite Store

Best quality:we are handicraft studio provide the best pvc(eva) products to make your comfortable. Better offers:wholesale will get the best offers,contact us if you want to be agent of haian brand. Fast shipping:shipping immediately after payment,free express shipping on orders over$200. Secure payment: payapl payment easy and secure,even if you don’t have paypal account.

Our Team

Unlike the teams of other companies, our team is very special, each team member was engaged in different occupations before joining, some were architects, some were accountants, and some were pharmacists. The recognition of the haian brand values brought them together. Our team has no obvious team roles. Every team member participates in product design, production and sales. Rich professional experience and innovative team structure design make our company more creative and dynamic.

The Story About Your Favourite Store

We don’t have any special entrepreneurial stories. We created the Haian brand just because we love plastic products and want to bring more convenience, comfort and joy to those who also like them.

From starting out the Haian to the present, we still insist on independent design, manual production and fast delivery. Today, Haian has hundreds of products in four categories, which are sold on large e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and wish. During those years, our company has encountered countless difficulties, our team have also thought of giving up independent design and production, but whenever we are so exhausted, some of our customers who are also our friends always give me very firm encouragement and support, that why we insist.

To let more people know the Haian brand, we build emmapvc.com , at this website our company will release the latest design in time, and bring  more discounts to our customers, which haven’t got at e-commerce platforms.

About the future, We don’t have a well plan or ambitious envision, just like we did when we started our business, to provide better, preferential, and convenient options for those who like our products.