Haian Plastic Bikini Plastic Short Pants

$9.99 exc.tax

About this item
  • Material:100% PVC/EVA. Advantages: soft and quiet. 
  • Heat welded side seams, Snug fitting comfortable waist bands
  • Sizes(inch):
    Medium (M) : Waist 66-84 cm(26″ to 34″),Thigh Maximum 72cm(28”),Side Height 5cm(2″)
    Large (L) :Waist 80-100 cm(31″ to 39″),Thigh Maximum 82cm(32”),Side Height 6cm(2.4″)
    Extra-large (XL) : Waist 84- 116cm(33″ to 45″),Thigh Maximum 90cm(35”),Side Height 6cm(2.4″)
  • 2Extra-large (XL) : Waist 92-126 cm(36″ to 50″),Thigh Maximum 92cm(36”),Side Height 6cm(2.4″)