Haian Adult Incontinence Pull-on PVC Pants (Glass Clear)

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  • Material:100% PVC. Advantages: soft and quiet. Cons: inelastic.
  • Heat welded side seams, Full cut with extra wide crotch. Snug fitting comfortable waist bands
  • Best fit loose and blouse over diaper, cut full with a wide crotch to accommodate bulkier cloth diapers.
  • Available in sizes Adult Small to Adult 3X-Large.
  • Sizes(inch):
    Small (S) : waist 22″ to 38″ , Leg Maximum16” to 23″ ,hips up to 40″
    Medium (M) : waist 24″ to 44″ , Leg Maximum17” to 25″ ,hips up to 46″
    Large (L) :waist 26″ to 50″ , Leg Maximum18” to 27″ ,hips up to 52″
    Extra-large (XL) : waist 29″ to 56″ , Leg Maximum19” to 29″ ,hips up to 58″
    2X-large (XXL) : waist 32″ to 62″ , Leg Maximum20” to 32″ ,hips up to 64″
    3X-large (XXXL) : waist 35″ to 68″ , Leg Maximum21” to 34″ ,hips up to 70″
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Haian high-waisted adult plastic Waterproof Pants continue to be one of our bestselling waterproof diaper covers.
Selecting Your Fit Preference:
When selecting your size, remember to pick a smaller size size if you are just wearing the plastic pants as underwear, or over regular underwear.
If you will be wearing our plastic pants with disposable diapers or day weight cloth diapers, you may want to consider a larger size to accommodate the extra bulk.
When using plastic pants in combination with thick disposable diapers or night weight cloth diapers, you may need to consider a larger size.